Undergraduate Students


A letter of introduction issued by a KEIO Media Center and Student ID are required for admission to the Library.

  • Items only held by the Library are available.
  • A letter of introduction is valid only on issued date.
  • Admission is accepted until 5 PM on weekdays.
  • Service is not offered on Saturdays.
  • Do not use as the study room.

Using books

Books are library use only and cannot be checked out.

Using computers

Using Library PCs and database terminals are not allowed.


Copy machines in the Library can be used only for photocopying of the library items. The Copyright Act prohibits photocopying of private items.

  • Self-photocopy ¥10/copy(black and white) ¥50/copy(color)
  • Some items such as dissertations may require the author's permission for photocopy.
  • Payments may be made by a copy card or cash. You can purchase a card in the Library.

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