Visitors and external users


Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library is not open to the public.

External users, with letters of introduction issued by faculty members of 3 graduate schools, may use the library.
* 3 graduate schools: Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Graduate School of Media Design

Students, faculty members and researchers of other universities or research institutions
Please consult your library.

Keio alumni


Unlike other Media Centers, the Alumni Library Entry Pass (pay) or the Keio Card cannot be used for admission to the Library.
A letter of introduction issued by a KEIO Media Center and The Alumni Library Entry Pass (pay) are required for admission to the Library. If you do not have the card, please bring your ID (such as a drivers license).
To get a letter of introduction, please come to Hiyoshi Library or other KEIO media centers.

  • Items only held by the Library are available.
  • A letter of introduction is valid only on issued date.
  • Admission is accepted until 5 PM on weekdays.
  • Service is not offered on Saturdays.
  • The Alumni Library Entry Pass (pay) is issued at Hiyoshi Library or Mita Media Center. 1000 yen is charged for the issuance. Present your ID (such as a drivers license) at Reception Counter. The Card is good from the day of issuance through the end of the school year(March 31st) every year.

Using Library

Books are library use only and cannot be checked out.

Using Library PCs and database terminals are not allowed.

Copy machines in the Library can be used only for photocopying of the library items. The Copyright Act prohibits photocopying of private items.

  • Self-photocopy ¥10/copy(black and white) ¥50/copy(color)
  • Some items such as dissertations may require the author's permission for photocopy.
  • Payments may be made by a copy card or cash. You can purchase a card in the Library.

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