Graduate students of 3 graduate schools / MDP participants
3 graduate schools: Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Graduate School of Media Design


Student ID or Library Card is required for admission to the Library.

Using books


Bring a book you want to borrow along with Library Card to the Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library Counter. Maximum number of items and loan period are as follows.

Number of Items Period Renew
Graduate Students of 3 Graduate Schools 20 30 days Twice
  • “Number of Items” refers to the maximum number of items you can be borrowing from the Library at a given time, and does not include items to be borrowed from other Media Centers.
  • Some items (such as journals / dictionaries / CD-ROMs) cannot be checked out.

Confirm the due date by the stamp on the due date slip attached to the book. When library is closing, you can put on loan-books into Book Drop.CDs and DVDs cannot be returned this way.

  • After the due date, a fine will be applied at a rate of 10 yen per book/day. Sunday and holiday will be also counted.
  • Books can be returned at the Media Centers of other campuses with the exception of the Hiyoshi Media Center.
  • Loan may be suspended for a certain period for those who fail to return the borrowed item in spite of repeated overdue reminders.

Borrowed books may be renewed twice (once for MDP participants). Bring the book and your Student ID to the Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library Counter.

  • There may be a case that renewal is not available (e.g. the book has been recalled by others or has not been returned after the due date).
  • Books may be also renewed at the Media Centers of other campuses (with the exception of some books).

Recall of a book currently on loan is available.
You may make a recall through “Get/Request” page on the Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library website or at the Counter.
You will be notified via E-mail when the book is ready. The item will be kept at the Counter for 1 week after notification.

Lost or damaged items

In case of loss or damage of the item, inform the Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library Counter immediately. Damage fee may incur depending on the situation and the condition of the item.

Hiyoshi Repository

No entry to the repository is allowed.
Please apply for the use of the item from “Hiyoshi laboratory/repository items reservation application page.

Time of application and time available for use are as follows;

  • By noon, weekdays (Monday-Friday) → 3PM, the same day
  • After noon, weekdays (Monday-Thursday) → 3PM, the next open day
  • Friday afternoon/Saturday/Sunday → 3PM, the next open Monday or after

Using computers

Using Library PCs
  • 11 PCs and 1 printer are located in the Library. The Information Network Account issued by the Hiyoshi ITC is required for usage.
  • A Traffic System IC Card is required for printing.
Using your PC
  • For network connection, the Hiyoshi ITC Information Network Account is required.See “manual” page on the Hiyoshi ITC website for detail.


Copy machines in the Library may be used only for photocopying the library items.The Copyright Act prohibits photocopying of private items.

  • Self-photocopy ¥10/copy(black and white) ¥50/copy(color)
  • Payments may be made by a copy card or cash. You may purchase a card in the Library.
  • Copy cards will be lent out to MDP participants. Please contact the Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library Counter staff.

Ask a Librarian

If you are not sure how to find information or how to use the Library, please consult at the Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library Counter. The staff will help you find the necessary information or documents efficiently.

Service Hours Weekdays 8:45-17:00
You may also go to “Ask a Librarian” on the Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library website.

If the Library doesn't have the resource you need…

Request to borrow from other libraries

You may request books/document photocopies from internal/external libraries. To make a request, go to “Get/Request” page on the Hiyoshi Media Center website.

Place a purchase request

You may request books held in other Keio libraries and Waseda University Library, or request document photocopies from Keio and non-Keio libraries. To make a request, go to “Get/Request” page on the Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library website.

Visiting other libraries

Using libraries of tie-up universities    (except MDP participants)
Waseda University Library
You may use the library with your Student ID. Some libraries (such as S.Takata Memorial Research Library) require a reference letter.
Library Consortium of Universities in Yokohama City
In principle, you may use the library by presenting your Student ID for entrance procedure. Some libraries require advance notice or a reference letter. Please check the library website for detail. Usage of Toyo Eiwa University Library and Ferris University Library is limited to female students.
<Participating University Libraries>
Kanagawa University Library, Kanto Gakuin University Library, Kokugakuin University Taplanlaza Library, Tsurumi University Library, Toin University of Yokohama Information Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology Library Suzukakedai branch, Toyo Eiwa University Library, Ferris University Library, Tokyo City University Faculty of Environmental and Information Studies Library, Meiji Gakuin University Yokohama Campus Library, Yokohama National University Library, Yokohama College of Commerce Library, Yokohama City University Library and Information center
Kanagawa Common University Library Card
Access to some 40 university libraries in Kanagawa prefecture can be gained through “Kanagawa Common University Library Card” which is issued at the Hiyoshi Media Center Reference Desk.
Click “here” to see participating universities(Japanese).
Using other libraries

When you use outside libraries, you may be asked to bring a letter of introduction issued by the affiliated library. You may find related information in the website of the library that you want to visit.

The application form is used by Hiyoshi Library users, too.
If you want to receive the letter at Kyoseikan (Colaboration and Complex) Library, please add comments about it.

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