About the Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library

About the Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library

Kyoseikan (Collaboration Complex) Library

The Collaboration Complex was completed in August 2008 as one of the projects commemorating 150th anniversary of the University's establishment.
In addition to 3 independent graduate schools, health / sports / culture / business facilities are located within the complex, to serve as a place for new activities and to provide students with the opportunity to interact and collaborate with people transcending generations.

It serves as the library for 3 graduate schools at the Collaboration Complex, collecting and providing resources necessary for research and activities at Keio Business School,Graduate School of Media Design and Graduate School of System Management and Design.


This is the information regarding publications issued by the Media Center. Electronic versions are available for the bulletin “MediaNet (published annually)” as well as Media Center Directory.

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