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Q Are case materials used by the Graduate School of Business Administration (KBS) located here?
A No. Please access the Case Database to find cases.
Q What should I do if I want to look at master's theses?
A You can search for theses on KOSMOS. Some master's theses in which permission has been granted by the author to make publicly available can be viewed on KOARA in full text.
Q Can I check out master's theses?
A Graduate students, and faculty/staff can check out theses. However, you cannot checkout theses in which permission to loan outside the library has not been granted.
Q Can I return books I have checked out at the Collaboration Complex to another media center?
A As a general rule, yes. However, because Hiyoshi Media Center is on the same campus, you cannot return books there. Furthermore, master's theses, doctoral dissertations, and corporate materials must be returned directly to the Collaboration Complex Library.
Q Can Hiyoshi Campus undergraduate students check out books at the Collaboration Complex?
A The Collaboration Complex Library is for graduate students only. Undergraduate students cannot check out books here.
Q Can I request a book located at Hiyoshi Library to be delivered to the Collaboration Complex?
A You cannot request books to be delivered from Hiyoshi Library. Please check out books directly from that library.
Q Can alumni enter the library?
A Individuals who have completed programs at the graduate schools of Business Administration, System Design and Management, and Media Design (including those who have completed coursework but left without obtaining a degree and MDP graduates) may enter the library.
If you wish to enter the library after 5 PM on weekdays or on Saturdays, please call in advance.
Keio alumni who graduated from programs other than those mentioned above should talk to the Hiyoshi Library Reference Desk staff.
Q Can I enter the the library with my baby/infant?
A Yes, you can. But you must stay and attend to your baby/infant at all times while in the library. Please be informed, staff may ask you to leave if you and your baby/infant become a disturbance to other library users.

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