Keio Alumni


The Alumni Library Entry Pass is required for admission to the Library.

  • 1000 yen is charged for the issuance of the Alumni Library Entry Pass. Present your ID (such as a drivers license) at Reception Counter. The Card is good from the day of issuance through the end of that school year (March 31st).
    If you have the Keio Card (credit card) ,The Alumni Library Entry Pass is published free.
    Show your card when applying for the Pass.

    ※If you lose your Alumni Library Entry Pass, you must purchase it again.

Using books

Browsing and photocopying services are available.

  • Click ”here” if you have the Alumni Library Card for researchers issued by Mita Media Center.

Viewing DVDs/Listening to CDs

At Audio-Visual Booths you can view movies or listen to music software belonging to the Library. Please apply at Main Counter. You are not allowed to play carried-in items.

Using PCs

PCs in the Library are not available. You may bring your own PC. Internet connection service is not available. Please refer to “Floor plan” to see where you may use your PC. At white-colored areas on the floor plan you may use it.


Copy machines can be used only for photocopying of the library items. The Copyright Act prohibits photocopying of private items.

Self-service photocopying
Fees : Black and white - ¥10/sheet Color - ¥50/sheet
Payments for self-service photocopying may be made by a copy card or cash.
You can purchase the card in the Library.
Copy machines are on every floor except on the 1st basement level.

Hours Opening - 10 minutes before closing

Library-provided photocopying
Fees : Black and white - ¥30/sheet Color - ¥100/sheet
Please ask in the Copy Office on the 1st floor.

Hours 10:00 - 16:00 on weekdays

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