About the Hiyoshi Media Center

About the Hiyoshi Media Center

Outline: Hiyoshi Media Center -Hiyoshi Library, Kyoseikan Library (Collaboration Complex Library)

Hiyoshi Campus is full of youthful vitality as a campus for the students fresh from the high schools. Located at the entrance of the campus, Hiyoshi Library was designed in the motif of a ship. With its upbeat and open-mind setting, the Library invites a large number of students every day.

Hiyoshi Library is designed primarily as an “undergraduate library” for the students at Hiyoshi Campus, who are mostly in their first and second years of study. In addition to the collection above it has Textbook Collection, Quick Reference Collection , Language Learning Collection, and Balcony Collection, which consists of casual books for a change and books written by alumni.Wide range of E-resources and DVDs are also available.

For faculty, research materials are stored on the 4th floor and the basement, and we have Reference Library on the 3rd floor in Raiosha.

Kyoseikan Library (Collaboration Complex Library) supports research activities of 3 Graduate Schools - Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Media Design and Graduate School of System Design and Management.

Hiyoshi Media Center places special emphasis on information literacy program as it welcomes new student users every year.
The information literacy program includes “Library Tour” conducted by senior students, “Introduction to Information Literacy” and custom-made “Information Literacy Seminar” lectured by library staff.
“Introduction to information literacy”, which is held in class, has over 10 yeas of a proven record providing active leaning supports in coordination with the course curriculum.

Furthermore, the Center holds the media literacy workshop for faculty “How to use the Media Center”, in an effort to promote support for research/education activities done by collaboration of students and faculties.


Information on publications by the Media Centers is available through pages below. Both are available in the electronic version.

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